The Importance of Light’em Up


Light’em Up: The Ultimate Quarterback Trainer was designed to help develop a Quarterbacks skills in four key areas; (1) Field Vision, (2) Decision making, (3) Learning to read progressions and (4) Accuracy.  Often, I ask people how many elite Quarterbacks are there in the NFL and everyone’s answers always consist of about 5-7 names.  It usually goes something like this; Brady, P. Manning, Brees, Rogers, maybe even Romo, E. Manning and Roethlisberger make it into the the top seven or so, but there are still 25 more starting QB’s in the NFL.  My question has always been why can’t there be 20-25 elite Quarterbacks in the NFL.  Light’em Up provides the answer to my question.  Yes, a player with the attributes needed to play the Quarterback position has the ability to become an elite passer if taught correctly.  I strongly believe that coaches today are struggling with how to coach quarterbacks the right way from a young age.  Either it’s a issue with not enough time at practices at the high school level, coaches are only teaching just one or two reads instead of three to four or a number of other possible issues .  “Light’em Up” allows a QB to work with a coach or by themselves forcing the quarterback to focus on those key areas mentioned earlier and leave the footwork, ball release, etc. in the coaches hands.  

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