“Situational Awareness” Can it be Taught?

field generalsThe United States Military defines “situational awareness” as the ability to identify, process and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regards to the mission.  More simply, it’s knowing what is going on around you.”  The key words in the definition are “identify, process and comprehend…”  Quarterbacks need to have the ability to identify (quickly) defensive schemes and alignments, process what their Receivers will do and what the defense might do and finally have the where-with-all to comprehend this information in a short amount of time and make the correct decision.  One of the best in the business was none other than Dan Marino.  He’s the best to ever play the game in my opinion but I’m also a long time Dolphins fan so I’m a bit biased.

“Light’em Up: The Ultimate Quarterback Trainer” was designed to teach young quarterbacks how to develop better “situational awareness” through cognitive repetition.  By learning how to see the field better and make better decisions, you start to become aware of how to effectively and efficiently anticipate where to correctly deliver the ball.  Using “Light’em Up” regularly will result in better game time performances and show a quarterbacks TRUE potential.

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