Arm Strength vs Field Vision

paytonvcutler (1)When assessing quarterbacks, which skill will define your choice between two qb’s?  Are you looking for a guy who has the big arm and can air it out?  He may connect with your burner (WR) once or twice in the course of a 60 minute game (depending on what level; High School 48 minutes), but will he lack consistency.   Or are you looking for the guy that can majestically move your team downfield with a high rate of consistency but may not have the big arm?  Ten out of ten times I’ll take the guy who may be lacking a little with arm strength but can consistently move my team.

Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks in recent history, maybe even all-time is an outstanding passer but doesn’t have that BIG arm everyone is looking for.  Peyton makes up for any short comings in arm strength with his incredible ability to see the field.  He can anticipate where his receivers will be before they get there.  Just to put things into perspective, Peyton has a career completion percentage of 66% while having a career passer rating of 97.  Dan Marino, arguably the greatest pure passer of all-time had a career completion percentage of 59.4% and a career passer rating of 86.4.  Marino was a hybrid and a rarity, he could not only see the field and react in a split second but he could make every throw on the field.  The reason for the comparison is to show how effective a QB with great field vision can be even if they lack arm strength.   To add one final layer, Jay Cutler has a career completion percentage of 61% and a career passer rating of 84.  Between Manning and Cutler, I’ll take Manning!

Teaching a quarterback to have better field vision is not an easy task, ask any QB coach in the country.  With the development of Light’em Up we have simplified this for coaches and allowed them to work on other important skills while Light’em Up helps with field vision, decision-making, accuracy and learning to read progressions.

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