…And Then There Were Two

manningrussellThe Super Bowl is finally upon us and we have a great match up tonight between two Quarterbacks with very different styles.   As I mentioned in my last post “Age vs. Youth”, Peyton Manning is the pure pocket passer that will utilize every inch of the box.  He is mobile in his own right as long as the movement isn’t more than a few steps.  On the other side you have Russell Wilson.  Wilson is a mobile Quarterback with a great arm and good field vision, a rare combination of qualities.  He will abandon the pocket quicker than Manning and use his legs a little more to make plays.

So which style will be rewarded with a ring when the game is over?  Only time will tell but let me leave you with this final thought.  As a football historian and someone who has been around the game for a majority of my life, to me this will prove to be a very exciting game because it’s age vs. youth, it’s the old wily veteran versus a look at the future.  When you hear veterans talk about the difference in the game we watch today versus 15 to 20 plus years ago, more often than not the answer is the speed of the game.  As you watch the game keep an eye on the pace of play because you could be witnessing a major shift from the traditional style to the improv era.

In my last post I mentioned that whenever I challenged my father to something he would always say “Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill”, we’ll see!

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