Age vs. Youth

pics for blog copyChampionship weekend will be one for the ages… or youths?  These two incredible matchups will end with a Super Bowl that will see either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning representing age versus Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson representing youth, either way it’s going to be one heck of a finish to the season.

If we take a closer look, the matchups today are interesting, not because of Age versus Youth but because of the different styles of play from the Quarterbacks.  Brady and Manning are two of the best pocket passers of all time, not mobile at all but can sense when the pressure is coming.  Kaepernick and Wilson are two of the most exciting young QB’s today with the ability to escape pressure and take off or unload a rocket down field.  The mechanics of Brady and Manning are as sound as you can get while Wilson and Kaepernick are a glimpse at the future, mobile field generals that can also throw with precision.

As you watch the games today keep an eye on a few things.  1) Watch how Brady and Manning use every bit of the pocket, sidestepping defenders to keep plays alive. 2) On the flip side, watch how the youngsters Wilson and Kaepernick abandon the pocket much quicker and use their legs to keep things going.  3) If you are a young quarterback that wants to learn proper mechanics of true pocket passers, take notes as you watch the Denver vs. New England game.  Finally,4) Watch the field vision and decision-making from all four quarterbacks, their ability to shift their eyes from receiver to receiver and go through their progressions.  These are three of the four skills that Light’em Up: The Ultimate Quarterback Trainer helps young QB’s develop.

Whenever I would challenge my father to something he would always say “Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.”  We’ll see if that rings true today and in two weeks.

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